Ever since we started over two decades ago, our mission has been to develop smart solutions capable of managing water in a more integrated and sustainable way to improve city life.

Our Journey

Our source of inspiration

Managing water is at the core of every natural system. That's why nature remains our source of inspiration when designing new products and solutions.

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For years water management and functional urban space were seperated. The lack of resiliency in this design now becomes visable in the light of climate change. By reintegrating, instead of discharging on-site stormwater cities become more resilient and are able to absorb the effects of changing weather patterns.


Product development and materials used.

Circular thinking forms the basis of all our products and designs. This concerns both the materials used and functionality of our systems. For urban water management we collect, store and reuse rainwater on location as much as possible and minimise use of drinking water. 

The Permavoid units are made from high quality recycled materials and therefore fit 100% in the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. The plastics used can be fully recycled, however in practice they rarely are since the units can easily be disconnected and reused elsewhere thanks to their construction and removable PermaTies. Our solutions are available globally via a broad network of distributors and licensees. We aim at local manufacturing, preventing unnecessary worldwide shipping, shortening transport distances, further reducing our carbon footprint. 

Developing multifunctional systems can only be accomplished in close cooperation with valued partners. Based on equality and willingness to share, new products and solutions come to life. 

Research & development

Technology validated by independent institutes.

Our products and systems are a result of years of market research, finding the right specialists, product development and trial & error. Before we claim that our technology works, we cooperate with independent research institutes and invest in pilot projects. TKI-project SmartRoof 2.0 and Project CitySports are perfect examples of this process and living proof that cooperation between stakeholders results in solutions that actually work for us all.


The Permavoid solutions are available via our interconnected group of dedicated distributors and licensees.


Everything you need to know about our technology.

The Permavoid products and solutions are at the core of a broad variety of projects, installed all around the world. Our brochures, system and product sheets will provide a more detailed view on our technology, system build-up and international case studies.

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Permavoid source control ensures that no precious water goes to waste by catching, storing and reusing stormwater for irrigation, evaporation and infiltration. Find your local Permavoid distributor here to learn more about the technology and become part of the international movement.