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Pontsteiger Amsterdam

A green 'driveway' to the sustainable district 'Houthavens'

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Take a closer look at the remarkable Pontsteiger project:

Pontsteiger provides access to the sustainable Houthavens district, located on the IJ. After a failed attempt to realize a growing area with circular water management, a second attempt was made in 2020. Together with Permavoid and the Groenfra company, the growing area of the trees was redesigned and furnished and planted with elms.

After three growing seasons, the trees have developed wonderfully!


Trees capillary System

With the Permavoid Capillary Irrigation System an artificial groundwater level is created beneath the rootzone, mimicking groundwater in a natural situation, enabling the growing site to capture, store and reuse stormwater for irrigation. In this arrangement trees prevent stormwater entering the sewer whilst simultaneously enjoying a water reservoir to sustain growth during prolonged dry spells.

The Permavoid Capillary Irrigation System is equipped with specially developed fiber columns that provide capillary transport of water from the Permavoid retention buffer to the rootable soil above. This natural irrigation system uses no energy and maintains a consistent soil moisture content such that the tree experiences a very stable groundwater level, allowing it to thrive in the urban environment.

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