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Silkeborg street

Making sure that the newly planted trees grow to their full potentional and protecting and revitalisate the existing oak trees.

Silkeborg, Denmark
Water capacity
18 trees


A closer look at this build-up at Silkeborg:

Water is our most precious resource and should be treated as such. 


Sandwich system

In a situation where trees are expected to grow in an urban and paved environment, compaction of the soil, superficial tree roots damaging the pavement and greatly reduced soil-gas exchange are known growth-limiting factors. The Permavoid Sandwich Construction eliminates these by creating a shallow, stable and open subbase for the hardscape to ensure optimum load distribution and high load bearing capacity, preventing compaction of the rootable soil volume underneath. The system is used in parking lots, residential areas, malls and bicycle paths, with a free choice of pavement systems like block pavers, concrete or asphalt.

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Permavoid source control ensures that no precious water goes to waste by catching, storing and reusing stormwater for irrigation, evaporation and infiltration. Find your local Permavoid distributor here to learn more about the technology and become part of the international movement.