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TKI Project Citysports

Project CitySports is a pilot project from the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) program of the Water & Maritime Top Sector. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gemeente Amsterdam, KWR Water Research Institute, DutchBlue, Veolia, Waternet, Bureau Marineterrein
Water capacity
1400m2 = 152.600 litres


The scientific study has been conducted over the past years by KWR Water Research Institute

The project focuses on innovations that revolve around urban cooling solutions, the circular use of (waste) material and rainwater, and safely playing sports on artificial grass pitches. We tested at two locations in Amsterdam: Marineterrein Amsterdam and V.V.A Spartaan at Laan van Spartaan. For this project, KWR worked together with the following consortium partners: the City of Amsterdam, Waternet, Veolia, Permavoid, DutchBlue, Marineterrein and the Water & Maritime Top Sector.

We place a high priority on creating solutions that meet the best sustainability standards.


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After years of research by KWR Water Research Institute the official project paper is released. Learn more about the research methodology, results, product & system details and international rollout of the project and watch the project summary video!

A project that has an important contribution to a sustainable and climate-proof living environment.


KWR shares promising data measurements

In spring 2020 all sensors in the CitySports research-fields came online and have recorded some impressive results already. In the middle of the hottest period so far, on June 25 around mid-day, the surface temperature of the conventional synthetic turf was 62.2oC degrees and the cooled synthetic turf with 35.9oC degrees just 1 oC warmer than the natural grass!

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