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TKI Project Urban Photosynthesis

TKI project Urban Photosynthesis, three functions combined on roofs: greening, water reuse and energy generation. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Municipality of Amsterdam, ECOFYT, Techniplan Adviseurs, SDR Elektrotechniek and KWR Water Research Institute


Take a closer look project Mannoury in Amsterdam:

Mannoury is a unique 64 apartment building in Amsterdam that contributes to biodiversity, quality of life and energy transition by combining a blue-green roof, gray water treatment and efficient solar panels. 

The building helps to cool the city and the solar panels, reduces the risk of flooding during heavy rain, reuses shower water in dry periods and above all, creates pleasant and healthy living conditions for residents. In addition to Project Urban PhotoSynthesis, Aedes also offset the CO2 emissions from the Mannoury building. By planting 28,000 trees, the investor compensates for the integral CO2 emissions of both construction and 25 years of residence.

We place a high priority on creating solutions that meet the best sustainability standards.


What have we done?

The roofs, balconies, and roof garden are covered with a diverse range of plant species. These are supplied with water from a buffer layer that lies underneath the soil. We research whether the solar panels installed above the plants generate more electricity than solar panels placed on a standard black roof due to the cooling caused by the evaporation of water by the plants. Because a lot of water is needed for the plants during drought periods, the shower water from the apartments is also collected, filtered, and returned to the highest roof, from where it flows to all roofs and balconies to replenish the water storage for irrigation.

Esther Mouwen, Head of Sustainability at Aedes: "With this project, we want to show that a blue-green energy roof is feasible and that it makes a relevant contribution to climate adaptation in the city. With this we innovate and deliver scientific results."

Award winning project

This year we were nominated for 'Dak van het jaar 2022' | 'Roof of the Year 2022' and last March we received this award in the category 'flat roofs'. The assessment areas were: aesthetic quality, innovation, functional quality, mutual cooperation, safe working and sustainability.


Full-scale research at Mannoury

Mannoury consists of 2 identical buildings, which is ideal for full-scale comparative research. Project Urban PhotoSynthesis compares the amount of solar energy generated on the blue-green roof versus a standard blacktop roof, the water-filtration properties of a rooftop wetland compared to a bio membrane reactor water treatment system in the basement of the other building, and a fully computer-controlled water management system compared to a more passive system based on natural overflows and gravity. This unique research study will last two years, and the results will be announced at the end of 2023.

Dutch investor, Aedes, has taken the initiative to develop residential property, Mannoury, and collaborated with the municipality of Amsterdam, ECOFYT, Permavoid, Techniplan Adviseurs, SDR Elektrotechniek and KWR Water Research to set up the TKI (Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation) Project Urban PhotoSynthesis on the building's roofs.


Multifunctional blue-green roof System

The hollow Permavoid subbase makes it possible to store more rainwater in lightweight geocellular units underneath the soil in podium decks, blue-green roof systems and roof gardens. This stored rainwater is made available to the plants by capillary rise through capillary fibre columns in the Permavoid units. This nature- based solution of capillary irrigation eliminates the need for drip lines, valves, hoses, pumps and the associated maintenance requirements. Water is available for the plants when they need it, naturally, on-demand, and most importantly without the use of energy; just like in nature.

Water is the key to successful green infrastructure at any level, in every green design. Keep rainwater out of the sewer and put it to work to support, biodiversity and help cool the urban environment.

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Permavoid source control ensures that no precious water goes to waste by catching, storing and reusing stormwater for irrigation, evaporation and infiltration. Find your local Permavoid distributor here to learn more about the technology and become part of the international movement.