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White Collar Factory Rooftop Running Track

The Client wished to have a 2-lane running track around the perimeter of the rooftop of the newly built White Collar Factory in London. SELSports were contacted to deliver a solution. The running lanes sat between the tracks the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) uses to manoeuver around the perimeter of the building. This was a very winding route with many curves and changes of direction.

London, United Kingdom
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Take a look at the unveiling of 'London's Highest Running Track'  White Collar

The BMU tracks were covered with a removable protection plate that was infilled with a white polymeric surface to demarcate the edges of the track. This special white polymeric surface required an aliphatic (UV stable) binder that prevents the surface from yellowing or degrading over time. 

A two Lane Polymeric Running Track Around the Perimeter of the 16th Floor.


The whole construction of the running track was permeable with Permavoid. The full depth EPDM red polymeric surface was laid to provide a stable surface on lightweight drainage units laid on Permatex 300 geotextile directly on the roof insulation panels.

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