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Winnersh Triangle park Reading

We provided the ideal sub-base replacement stormwater attenuation solution for the new park and ride car parking facility.

Reading, United Kingdom
Reading Council
Water capacity


A closer look at project Winnersh Triangle park:

The Permavoid high strength geocellular solution, incorporates a unique jointing mechanism that forms an interlocking ‘raft’ with exceptional strength that will support structural loads across the most heavily trafficked areas on the site.

Permavoid proved to be the ideal solution as it could be installed above the high water table.


Sub-base replacement stormwater attenuation solution

The site, which was notoriously prone to flooding, was identified by both Reading and Wokingham borough councils as an ideal location for a new 390 car parking space park and ride, in order to give commuters greater public transport options. The site’s geology consists of a high water table to cover level, which meant that an attenuation solution needed to be carefully considered.

Polypipe provided a solution, consisting of 29 shallow Permavoid attenuation tanks, with the capacity to store up to 590m of stormwater run-off from the car park.


How does it work

The run-off stormwater is initially collected within the Permachannel, which was installed at pavement level to provide initial source control, as well as the first stage of water treatment by capturing silt and oil. Once entering the Permachannel, the water then passes through the system into Permavoid Biomat cells containing a tri-laminate low density composite biomat.

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